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1978 Mim Millar
Profile picture
Profile picture
iammim1960@aol.com Saranac Lake NY RN Single Again 1 1978 1978 HHS
Send 1978 Mim a MessageSend 1978 Mim a Message
1972 Renee' Wrigley (Abitabile)
franabby@mhcable.com Hudson NY Medical transcription Married 2 1972 HHS
Sheila - I am so proud of you my dear xoxoxo Send 1972 Renee' a MessageSend 1972 Renee' a Message
1973 Charlie Apicella
c.apicella@comcast.net Greenfield MA Administrator at UMASS Married 1 1973 HHS
Send 1973 Charlie a MessageSend 1973 Charlie a Message
1975 Regina Ham (Apicella)
c.apicella@comcast.net Greenfield MA Customer Service Married 1 1975 HHS
Send 1975 Regina a MessageSend 1975 Regina a Message
1977 Graig Arcuri
Graigarcuri@gmail.com Oswego NY Professor Married 8 1977 1977 HHS
Send 1977 Graig a MessageSend 1977 Graig a Message
1972 Susanne Armstrong
susanneghent@aol.com Ghent New York Registered Nurse 1972 HHS
Send 1972 Susanne a MessageSend 1972 Susanne a Message
1975 Jon Armstrong
Profile picture
Profile picture
jona@taconic.net Ghent New York Ski Bum and Sr Project Manager, On-Air Systems Development Married 2 1975 HHS
Send 1975 Jon a MessageSend 1975 Jon a Message
1976 Becky Waltermire (Armstrong)
Profile picture
beckys.critters@hotmail.com Ghent N.Y. COARC Married 2 1976 HHS
Send 1976 Becky a MessageSend 1976 Becky a Message
1976 Dave armstrong
Profile picture
Profile picture
w.david.armstrong@gmail.com Laguna Beach CA Single 1 1976 1976 HHS
Send 1976 Dave a MessageSend 1976 Dave a Message
1978 Jim Armstrong
JARMSTRONG1@nycap.rr.com Niverville New York Financial Advisor/Retirement Planning Specialist Married 2 1978 HHS
I want to congratulate the person who thought of this idea.  The 1st Reunion of the 70's was a great event and it was nice to see so many "old" friends. Hopefully the Class of 1978 will make a strong showing this time, as well.  Send 1978 Jim a MessageSend 1978 Jim a Message
1975 Leta Dandridge (Bailey )
lbailey@aflacny.com Albany NY Account Specialist Married 2 1975 1975 hhs
Hello everyone! I still think about the class reunion in 2008. It was AWESOME!!
Send 1975 Leta a MessageSend 1975 Leta a Message
1973 Jean Hildebrandt (Barford)
jeanbarford@gmail.com KINDERHOOK NY Teaching Assistant Married 2 1973 1973 HHS
Send 1973 Jean a MessageSend 1973 Jean a Message
1979 Robert Barksdale
rbarksda@troopers.state.ny.us Hudson NY NEW YORK STATE TROOPER Single 1979 HHS
Send 1979 Robert a MessageSend 1979 Robert a Message
1979 Jill Barnard
finewineblue@yahoo.com Claverack NY Network Administrator Single 1979 HHS
Send 1979 Jill  a MessageSend 1979 Jill a Message
1974 Liz Varney (Bass)
Lizann3355@comcast.net Spring TX Retired Married 4 1974 1974 Hhs
Send 1974 Liz a MessageSend 1974 Liz a Message
1972 Susan Cooper (Battista)
susan.battista@yahoo.com Davenport FL Single 2 1972 1972 HHS
Send 1972 Susan a MessageSend 1972 Susan a Message
1972 karen porpa (beach)
rkbeach@comcast.net lawrenceville ga high school counselor Widowed 2 1972 HHS
So glad we have another reunion to look forward to.  This website is a great start.  Already excited about seeing everyone next summer. Send 1972 karen a MessageSend 1972 karen a Message
1974 Tim Beaumont
tbow2@mhcable.com Earlton NY Retired social worker Married 1974 1974 HHS
Send 1974 Tim a MessageSend 1974 Tim a Message
1972Nanci Bednar
nancibednar@gmail.com Valatie NY Retired Single 1972 1972 HHS
1973 Steve Beecher
beech6010@aol.com Crownsville MD Program Management Analyst Married 2 1973 HHS
Send 1973 Steve a MessageSend 1973 Steve a Message
1976 Judy Reese (Bender)
jbjjben@yahoo.com Germantown NY Columbia County Real Property Deputy Director Married 2 1976 HHS
Send 1976 Judy a MessageSend 1976 Judy a Message
1971 Cynthia Tiano (Bogardus)
cbogardus@nycap.rr.com Valatie New York Retired Married 2 1971 1971 HHS
Looking forward to a good showing of class of '71 classmates! Send 1971 Cynthia a MessageSend 1971 Cynthia a Message
1977 Nancy Bramkamp (Boice)
njb@nycap.rr.com Ballston Spa NY Tax Regulations Specialist Married 2 1977 HHS
Send 1977 Nancy a MessageSend 1977 Nancy a Message
1973 Lynne Bolstad
Profile picture
lynnepie@aol.com Oneonta NY physician assistant Married 2 1973 1973 HHS
Send 1973 Lynne a MessageSend 1973 Lynne a Message
1973 Kazimierz Bonczek
bonczek2003@yahoo.com Hudson New York Production Worker Married 2 1973 HHS
Send 1973 Kazimierz a MessageSend 1973 Kazimierz a Message
1973 Mary Ann Barca (Bopp)
Profile picture
mbopp51879@aol.com Beacon NY Manager, Career Development, IBM Corporation Married 1973 HHS
I have two step-children - and we have 4 grandchildren.  We also have two wonderfuls dogs and a great cat!! Send 1973 Mary Ann  a MessageSend 1973 Mary Ann a Message
1976 Barbara Bain (Bovat)
Profile picture
bovat@aol.com Hudson NY Photographic Retoucher/Artist www.bovat.com Married 1 1976 1976 HHS

As always, I am looking forward to the reunion in 2013!  They are always a great time with lots of memories and laughs.  I am hoping to see all of my classmates there next July!  Thanks to all who work so hard at making this happen.  You are appreciated! 

Send 1976 Barbara a MessageSend 1976 Barbara a Message
1971 Richard Brash
rbrash7@aol.com Albany NY retired Married 1 1971 1971 HHS
Send 1971 Richard a MessageSend 1971 Richard a Message
1973 Joanne Tanzillo (Briggs)
Boomer@mhcable.com Columbiaville New York Self Employed cleaning service Married 1 1973 HHS
Send 1973 Joanne a MessageSend 1973 Joanne a Message
1971 Janice Kappel (Brodowski)
brodow@mhcable.com Hudson NY REGISTERED NURSE Married 2 1971 HHS
Thanks to all who are putting this reunion together. I know what work it takes. Good Luck!!! Sheila, you've done a fantastic job with this website. And all this time you were working in a bank. Send 1971 Janice a MessageSend 1971 Janice a Message
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