This page is for us to honor members of our classes who have passed away. If you would like to add someone to this page.. please send me the information and I will add it here.  You can send this through the contact us page.

 Class of 1970

 Jim Pinkowski
 Jack Jablanski
Connie Kittell
Larry Rogers
 Joe Traver
 Kathryn Harp Wolchak
Neil Dolin
Karen Schmoltz
Guy Alix
 Robert Fulton
Bernard Aginn
​ Tracy Nuendal
 Victoria Stokes
 John Stickles
 Steve Kulyniak
 Frank Nero
Victoria Stokes
​ Mary Frances Davi
Bobby Shufelt
 Patrick Sullivan
 Vicki Wolfe McDarby
 Hy Miller
 Edward Huff
 Cal Stoerzinger
 Matt Kusewich
 Carl Vullo
Wayne Nooney
​Mick Myrdcyz
Vincent sacco
​Sonia Tkacy


Class of 1971

Mark Almstead
Paul Auletta
Loleta Carter
Greg Cobbins
Tom Cobbins
Keith Curran
Larry Domkowski
Steve Fiero
Dennis Fredericks
Kevin Gueldner
Mary Hallenbeck Paquette
Cathy Harrison Wurster
Charles Hughes
Paul Kengla
Melissa Kreeber
Bob MacMullin
Claudia Moore
Julie Nitsky
George Oliver
Jeanne Parlman Goldman
Beverly Ploss Martin
Bruce Schaffer
Buzzy Stewart
Bob Thomas
David White
Mike Straub
Louis Taylor
Tommy Howe
Joan Landry
Jerry Matteis
Bill Rich
​Eric Kreig
David Smith
Mary Beth Cordato Marshall
Candy Sherman Witko
John Pendleton
​David Smith
​Betsy Diver



Class of 1972
Craig Pettinichi
Thomas Miller
Larry Gallo
RObert F. Finck
Karen Zyryi Crosby
Gerald Alger
​David Parchuck
Tina Henderson
Denise Bell
Michael Mazur
Pat Gagliardy
Glendale Brandow
Dan Gregory
Dona Ronsani Hickok
Jane Kipp
Kevin Novack
​Carolyn Herring
​Robin Warchol Cameron
​Thomas "Tut"Nicholson
​"Skeeter" George

Class of 1973
Krista Senison
Jon Coster
Tom Lasher
Alan Moore
Stanley Watkins
Bertha Werner
Walter Gunsett
Beverly Russo
Bruce Morrison
Jack Kipp
Jim Wrigley
Mary Barnhill(coleman)
Mary Reardon
Melinda Meisner Jones
Billy Bell
Charlie Hester
Debbie Larkin Cesternino
Barbara Curtis-Strange
Dan Kehrer
Debra Clark Atwell

Class of 1974
Thomas Tunney
Patrick Lenahan
Lorraine Fulton
Robert Cuyler
Victor Pierro
Daniel Fleming
Gregory Poucher
Walter Novack
Sidney Parsons
David Mann
Julia Watson
Sharon Piester
Anthony Carter
Joseph COncra
Frank Marshall
John Edgley
Randy Huddleston
Diane Cade
Harry Hermance
Charles David Miller
Mark Jaufmann
Bob Panasuk
Dennis Porreca
Artie Simmons
Dawn Wade
Rick Dreher 

Kevin Brady
Jeff Silverstein
Ed Torkilson

​Harold Fulton
Terri Grippi
Rick Van Allen

Class of 1975
Jonathan Siegal
Tom Durkin
Moe First
Marianne Corapi
Tyrone Blanks
Nadine Patzwahl
David Burch
Troy Carr
John Curtis
Kathy Gaylord
Joe Smith
Gloria Yandik
Harold Fulton
Jim Bugsy Porreca
Ricky Mazur
Jack Wrigley
JAckie McAllop

Roger Wilms
Rick Nack
John Bednar
Veronica Newberry

Class of 1976

Mike Dallas
Craig Thorn
Conway Keeler
Diane Marie Wright Zipp  
Peter Sheedy
Albert Eldridge
Bob Nartowicz
David Ponkos
Frank Thomas
Clifford Sopok
R. Elizabeth Lee
Douglas March
Peter Jaraszowsky
George Silvernale
Tia Dandridge
James Houghtaling
Neil Howe
Sarah Witham Conway
Leslie Cross
Burdella Moore Elliott
Lou Tomaso
Kathy Keyser Hurin
Tony Sinclair

Cindy Shook Myrdycz
John Moriarty

Class of 1977

​Brian Briggs
Valerie Burns
Alonzo Eldridge
Russell FIero
Michael Griffin
Daniel Hilton
Greg Johnson
Eddie Mackey
Kevin Malloy
Leslie McClure

Sharon Nawrocki
Ann Noecker
Thomas Prata
Jean Rehder
David Royal
George Sapko
Donna Scalera
aymond Shook
Yolanda Simpson
David Singer
Michael Soule
Frederick Thompson
Patrice Whitbeck
Theresa Nero Matteson

Class of 1978
John Kappel
Sandor Haijdu
Penny Griesser Almstead
Denise Roberts Smith
Dan Barrett
Linda Mackey

Jeffrey Otty
Ella Simmons
Laurie Sopok
Neville Anderson
Tracy Osswald


Class of 1979
William Harrison
William Wright
Dwayne Coons
Ron Shallo
Kenny Brown
Orville Mateer
Danny Cobbins
Philip TOrchia
Susan Bailey


 It is with Deep Sadness and a Heavy Heart that we have to announce the passing of a few of our HHS teachers.....
Mr. Fred Sutherland passed away April 1,2013 - Mr Sutherland was the Class Advisor for the Class of 1972 for their 4 years of high School- He taught Social Studies for 38 Years at HHS and was loved by all. He had been struggling with Muscular Dystophy for many years.  Mr Sutherland leaves behind his wife Linda (christiana) and a son Frederick.  We have many great Memories of Fred. May he rest in Peace. Memoria Donations in his honor can be sent to the Muscular Dystophy Aassociation, 1 Marcus Blvd. #23 Albany, NY 

Mrs. Marilyn Barry passed away suddenly of an anuerysm on Dec 27th. She started at HHS in 1971 teaching English. A more beloved person and teacher you couldnt find.  She was always smiling and was concerned about all around her.  She had attended both of our reunions and totally enjoyed them.  She is survived by her husband Gene and 3 sons.. Mrs. Barry was 63. Donations are being accepted in her honor to the Marilyn Barry Scholarship Fund c/o Chatham School District.

Mr. Dale Nicholson passed away on December 24th after a long illness. Mr Nicholson was a respected and caring teacher of ours. He taught Social Studies at the High School. He was 74. Mr Nicholson is survived by his wife,HHS graduate class of 1973, Roberta Lieberman Nicholson and 3 children.  Our condolences to Roberta and her family. Contributions in memory of Mr Nicholson can be sent to the Dale Nicholson Scholarship Fund- Hudson High School  215 Harry Howard Avenue, Hudso. NY 12534

Mr. Arthur Guarino- Described by many as a character passed away on November 23,2011- Mr Guarino was a Science teacher at HHS until his retirement. He was a funny charismatic guy never at loss for words.  He was predeceased by his daughter Ginger Castle and is survived by his wife, Dorothy and 1 son and 1 daughter. Mr Guarino was 93 years old.

Mr Eugene Burley- Mr Burley passed away  in 2009 after a long illness. He was at our first Decade Reunion and had all intentions of trying to get to the last one..Some great pics of him on this website.  He was a great guy and loved being at the reunion!!!! We will miss him.